1. Buy a hammock to change your life.

    I assume you are troubled with work, people, every day routine or weighed down by certain stressors if you are reading this article. Alternatively, you might as well just be curious about how a few lifeless strings of cotton or nylon will serve to make a change in something piled up with commotion. 

    Allow me to paint a picture with the hammock now

    You see the hammock lying under the sun, realize it’s a warm sunny day and decide to step into it just for a moment. You let the world pause and decide to stay in for another moment. Settle in your legs and sway a bit. The hammock allows your spine to be shaped like a happy banana, improving the blood flow through your body. 

    You are not required to move from this position, gather your desired paraphernalia with you, if you fancy, to engage in an activity for

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  2. Why did you not buy the Chair?

    Have you ever noticed those few pieces of furniture that are just there, the ones that you put no conscious thought of buying, the ones that you mindlessly use because you do not have the time or the will to buy another? Let’s have a look at the chair sitting in that corner. Did you buy it just to match the color combination of your wall or was it just there in your house ever since you remember?

    While you imagine that ugly chair and contemplate the question I just presented, outcomes a breezy Storeaddict hipster. ‘Why not buy the one with soft mesh, the one that you were just browsing?’ He asks. You might as well justify your actions by categorizing it as a mindless wandering. “The current one is just fine and I don’t have money to spend on another chair” you might say.

    But pause.

    Haven’t you already spent most of your days adjusting to the way things are? Living with that ugly piece of furniture because you don’t have the heart to throw it out? Making do wi

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  3. Shop here, Online

    Yes, I know that your time is golden and therefore, the online stores are the best places for you to shop. They help you efficiently buy goods of convenience, specialty like all your electronics, furniture, pet products, garden equipment-what have you. If you are yet not enthralled by the prospect of shopping for all your good online, read on.

    For starters, it saves the most expensive commodity - TIME. It saves you the trouble of having to travel long distances and waiting in the traffic. You can buy all your garden benches, your pet a house or a dressing table for yourself online with just a click of a few buttons. You don’t even have to worry about fitting it all in your car or the bus, for our well-oiled machinery of delivery is always running. Ha

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  4. Pamper your Pets

    The unconditional love received from a pet is known to be therapeutic to human health. It keeps you stress-free, healthy and has also been linked to having a sharper brain. Most of us know about the prolific research on how keeping pets can reduce mental strains like depression, anxiety and boost cardiovascular health. There is also a new stream of research by Richmond university which shows that in old age, having a pet makes your brain better at executive functions like attention, memory retention and cognitive flexibility. Therefore it comes as no surprise that a lot of us own one or the other pet.  

    Pets, like humans, need care and attention for healthy, intellectual growth. Although they are limited in their gestures and intelligence, we know how to make them happy and satisfied, just like we do with our kids. 

    Storaddict offers you a range of products that will help you take the effortless care of your pets. You will be sure to find fulfilling it

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